Fr Francesco Manco, a Theatine priest, came to India in December 1640 and established communities at Golconda and Masulipatnam. In 1645 Pope Urban VII appointed Fr Matteo de Castro as the Vicar Apostolic of Idalkan, which included the Kingdom of Golconda. During the Provincialship of Fr Francisco da Peidade, the Church of Our Lady of Good Succour at Bhagnagar (Jahanumah) was built in 1652 along with the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Hyderabad).

The Vicariate of Idalkan was handed over to the Carmelites on 20-09-1696. In 1759 Gaetano Asiano, a French General was officially permitted to construct a Church in the Kingdom. The Vicariate of Idalkan was amalgamated into the Vicariate of Bombay and the Vicar Apostolic of Bombay, Msgr Peter Alcantara, sent Fr. John Luigi to Hyderabad on 30-04-1800 and by the end of 1800 there was already seven Churches in the Kingdom of Golconda. Hyderabad was separated from the Vicariate of Bombay and was joined to the Vicariate of Madras in 1843.

Msgr Daniel Murphy was working in Secunderabad since 1838. In September 1848 he shifted to Chadderghat. The Church of Hyderabad was entrusted to Fr. John Mac Issey in 1851 when Msgr Murphy became the first Vicar Apostolic of Hyderabad. On 15-12-1869, Fr Tagliabue Antonio PIME bought an extensive plot of land near Kotha Basti, now Gunfoundry to build a Church, School and Convent Msgr Caprotti Pietro PIME laid the foundation for St Joseph’s Church on 19-03-1870. Fr Malberti Lulgi PIME took charge of the parish in 1872 and completed the main building which was opened for worship on Christmas Eve 1875.

After Hyderabad was erected as a diocese in 1886, Pope Leo XIII notified St Joseph’s Church to be the Cathedral of the Diocese on 17-03-1887. The Towers and Façade of the Church to be the Cathedral of the Diocese on 17-03-1887. The Towers and Façade of the Church were completed in 1892. All the statues, the beautiful mural carvings of the 14 stations and various artifacts were imported from Italy.

After the Sisters of St Ann of Providence left the parish girls’ school, Msgr Pietro Vigano PIME invited the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) and entrusted the school to them on 15-12-1903.

The FMM Sisters started an Ambulatory on 12-08-1911 and one of the Sisters was appointed Matron at Osmania General Hospital on 1913. In 1918 they started their work at Camp Hospital (Niloufer “Fever Hospital”) Pleased with their work, chapels were constructed by the Nizam in both the places – St Michael’s at Osmania and St Roch’s at the Camp Hospital.

Msgr Dionigi Vismara PIME invited the Franciscan Brothers (OFM Minor) to Administer All Saint’s School; they took charge on 21-06-1925. But they left to Bidar on 05-07-1928. Subsequently he invited the Brothers of St Gabriel to take charge of the School on 26-06-1932.

In 1952 HEM Mir Osman Ali Khan, the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad gifted the clock, the oil painting of the Madonna by Murillo, the chandeliers, and furniture. Entombed in the Cathedral are Fr. Malberti Lungi, Msgr Peter Caprotti, Msgr Dionigi Vismara, and Fr, Magri Dante, who beautifully renovated the alter using marble from Yercaud and added the altars of Our Lord and St Antony.

In 1953 the Diocese was handed over to the native clergy, when Bishop Mark Gopu became its first bishop and later Archbishop of the new Metropolitan See. In 1964 the Cathedral had its first native Parish Priest, Msgr Alfred Fernandez, who hailed from the Cathedral itself and later became Bishop of Allahabad.

The Pastoral Institute for the Laity(Pastoral Center) was started by PIME Missionaries in 1977. It was entrusted to the Diocesan Clergy in 1983. The Holy Family Dispensary in the Church premises was started in 1984. Renovation and re-roofing of the Cathedral was undertaken between 2003 and 2008.

Indeed, St Joseph’s has been the Mother Church for two centuries for the entire Deccan Plateau. The original Vicariate of Hyderabad is now home to ten diocese – Hyderabad; Vijayawada, 1973; Bellary, 1949; Warrangal, 1952; Nalgonda, 1976; Aurangabad, 1977; Khammam, 1988; Adilabad, 1999 and Gulbarga, 2005.


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Rev. Fr. Y. Balashowry


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Rev. Fr. Kanchen Joseph

Rev. Fr. B. Joji Thambi




1. Family Book : Please treat the Family Book as confidential, and do not make any entries or corrections on your own. Only the Parish Priest, or those persons authorized by him can do so, with his permission. You must furnish this Book to the Parish Clergy at the time of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Marriage, Burial, for concessions, or for any other special need.

2. Loss of Family Book: If you lose this Book, you must immediately report the loss to the Parish Office and request a duplicate.

3. Monthly Subscriptions: These should be paid in the Parish Office and a record must be kept. Payment by cheque should be in favour of “Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Cathedral”. If you wish to make an online transaction, please obtain details from the Parish Priest.

4. Catechism School: Regular attendance for Catechism and Children’s Mass – from 8:00 am to 10:00 am – is compulsory for children studying from the First to the Tenth Class. Every child should possess a Catechism Card. The Card should be produced for school concessions and for a Christmas gift.

5. Sacrament of Baptism: Baptism is administered every Saturday at 4:30 pm. Please contact the Parish Priest two weeks in advance, fix the date for baptism, fill in the baptism form and submit the same before Thursday.

6. Sacrament of Matrimony / Marriage: Those intending to marry should contact the Parish Priest three months in advance, with fresh copies of their Baptism Certificates. The parties intending to marry have to attend a two-day pre-marital counseling held every second Saturday and Sunday of the month at the HASSS Office, S. D. Road, Secunderabad, and obtain a Certificate. The pre-nuptial enquiry forms should be filled in before the date of their Banns.

7. Sacraments of Holy Communion, Penance and Confirmation: Children who have completed eight years of age can receive the Sacraments of Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. Parents are requested to fill the form and register the children’s names by the months of May and June. These Sacraments are administered in November every year on the Feast of Christ the King.

8. Adult Baptism: Those adults who wish to be baptized will have to undergo Instruction Classes for three months, and attend classes twice a week. After due enquiry, Baptism will be administered.

9. Sacrament of Holy Orders: Those who wish to join a Seminary, or a Convent, should be Intermediate-qualified and should contact the Parish Priest in the month of April.

10. Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick: If any parishioner is seriously ill, a family member is requested to contact the Parish Office and accompany the priest available to anoint the sick person.

11. Communion for the Sick: The sick who are unable to come for Mass, should inform the Parish Priest. A priest will come to their homes on the First and Third Fridays of the month to administer Holy Communion to them.

12. Family Graves in the Catholic Cemetery at Narayanguda:

a) Those who own grave-sites should possess Graveyard Cards.

b) Graves must be registered as per the numbers allotted and annual subscriptions must be paid.

13. Lectors Ministry: Lectors / Readers who are interested in doing Scripture Readings for Masses should give their names in the Parish Office.

14. Newcomers to the Parish and those Shifting Residence / Parish: Parishioners who reside within the parish jurisdiction have to enroll their families in the Parish Office, and those who are leaving the parish to join other parishes should also inform the Parish Office and surrender their parish cards.

It is good to read and follow the Catechism of the Catholic Church.



Parish Pastoral Council Meeting is held every second Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

Parish Altar Servers Meeting is held every Saturday at 4:00 pm.

Parish Youth Meeting is held every Sunday after the 11:30 am Mass.

All Concerned Committees will meet with prior intimation as per the Parish Sunday




Weekdays: 06:00 am & 06:00 pm

Sundays: 06:30 am - English Mass

08:00 am - English Mass

08:00 am - Children’s Catechism and Mass

09:15 am - Telugu Mass

11:30 am - English Mass

06:00 pm - English Mass

Youth Mass: Every Third Sunday at 11:30 am

Winter Morning Mass Timings: 06:15 am

Mondays : Charismatic Adoration after evening Mass.

Thursdays : Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena followed by Benediction.

Fridays : Holy Hour (Adoration) after evening Mass.

PARISH OFFICE TIMINGS: 09:00 am to 12:30 pm and 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm