(Cemetery of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad)

Graveyard booklet is a must for interment at the Cemetery. Please register if you have not done so.

1. Present Graveyard Booklet at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Office.

            a. Custodian of grave, custodian approval, grave number, date of last burial and maintenance fee payment will be checked.

            b. Custodian will approve burial of relative or friend. If required, must be given in writing.

            c. Pay burial charges for excavating new, mud grave or built-up grave.

2. Parish Priest will issue the Authorising Receipt, which will be presented to the assigned grave digger, who will then commence excavation. (Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Cathedral will have to bring their Family Card)

            a. If there is more than one burial in a day, excavation of the graves will be done on a “first come first served” basis. Private grave                    diggers will only be allowed with the permission of the assigned grave digger.

            b. The grave digger will be responsible to dig and prepare grave for burial and backfill the grave after the funeral service is over.

            c. Construction of the mud grave for the Third Day service is to be a private arrangement by the concerned party.

3. To build cement/monument grave, the written Permission Receipt from the parish priest will be given after the fee is paid.

Please arrange for Masons.

NOTE :  The surface of the grave should not exceed 6 ft X 2 ft.6`` with 1/2 ft (6``) gap between graves. Do not trespass or throw rubble on the neighbouring graves.


  1. Burial Mass: FREE for Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

  2. Permission to bury in the mud grave is Rs. 1500/-. Building the mud grave shall be borne by the party.

  3. Permission is necessary to build brick and cement from ground level, and the party has to bear the cost.

  4. Permission to bury in a monument grave is Rs. 2000/-. House construction is borne by party.

  5. Grave for a Baby is free and no fee for the burial.

  6. The Baby graves shall remain small size only while all other graves shall be 6’ x 2’.6”

  7. Permission to construct monument grave is 10% of the total cost of the monument grave as per the estimate given by the undertaker/mason.

  8. After building the monument grave or mud grave, all debris and rubble should be removed immediately at party’s cost.

  9. Niche for Ash Remains is Rs. 2500/-

  10. Lease grave for a period of 3 years is Rs. 3500/-

  11. Lease grave should be of mud finish only from ground level at party’s cost.

  12. Annual subscription of Rs. 200/- should be cleared.

  13. Keep your grave and the Cemetery clean.

  14. No fireworks/burning crackers in the Cemetery.

  15. No drinking alcohol and smoking in the Cemetery.


NOTE: Please hand over the receipt from St. Joseph’s Cathedral office for any one of the above works to the appointed In-charge at the Cemetery who will start the work/permit the work to be executed.